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SwiftBoard for iPhone

4.2 ( 3072 ratings )
Værktøjer Produktivitet
Forfatter: Joseph Holt

NOTE: The name has been changed from "SwiftBoard for iOS" to "SwiftBoard for iPhone"

SwiftBoard is an iOS keyboard extension built from the ground up to provide speed, stability and customization. SwitBoard provides every setting and customization option you would expect from a keyboard and much more.

Some of the features SwiftBoard prides itself on:
- Haptic Feedback
- Alternate Text with Special Key Gestures
- Extra Number Row
- Swipe Selection
- Multi-language auto-correct
- Full Themeing Support
- Keyboard resizing
- Privacy

- Customize every aspect of the keyboard
- Create and save unlimited themes
- Choose colors from the SwiftBoard color picker
- Choose colors with custom hex code
- Set gradian for keyboard background
- Set key colors, corner radius and more

Your privacy our top concern with SwiftBoard. Unlike other keyboards, SwiftBoard sends ZERO information to external servers. Every single thing you do or type with SwiftBoard remains on device, making SwiftBoard one of the safest iOS keyboards for your privacy.

Closing Remarks
I have poured hundreds of hours into SwiftBoard and I hope that you enjoy using SwiftBoard as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you. Let me know if you have any suggested features or fixes and I will be sure to take a look!