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It just keeps getting better

I write almost no reviews, but I feel compelled here. I LOVE haptic feedback on keyboards. This app has finally brought a haptic keyboard to iOS that feels great and natural. With the latest update (as of 09/18) , this has become my default keyboard. Autocorrect is greatly improved and this keyboard is fantastic. Keep it up!

Not Bad

I really do like this keyboard, I've been searching for a keybord that includes haptic feedback while typing. But on this one, the haptic feedback often lags behind while typing and misses keys that are being pressed. It also feels very weak. I wish there was more control over the intensity of the feedback. I'm using an iPhone 7 Plus. I found a keyboard called "Haptic Keyboard" where the feedback is perfect but the autocorrect is horrible. Now I found this, with fine autocorrect, but horrible feedback. There is no win, haha.

Not the greatest yet, would like refund

Lag in typing, autocorrect awful and no where are there any instructions on how to use all features. How to use extra characters like "?!' @/$" on themain keyboard that also contain the letter without having to press 2nd screen to get to them??? I've tried pressing and holding that character, shift key..... nothing works. I am waiting a reply or will request refund and delete this app.

App did not work

Was looking forward to using this app. I have an iPhone 7 with the latest IOS release 11.3.1. Unfortunately the app does not work on my phone. I will type a few keystrokes and it will lock up and eventually bounce out of the keyboard and back the the default. Developer was responsive, but ultimately told me he would only be able to address in a future release. Too bad.


I just bought the app and I can’t figure out how to enable full access to my iPhone X .. can anyone help ..

Purchased pro...where is it???

I made the purchase of the pro version and it says "pending" in my purchase history on my app store account. So, why don't I have the pro version yet? Please contact me to resolve this issue. Also, developer should have a direct contact me option within the app store to resolve issues. I'm not signing up for Twitter to somehow get ahold of the developer...

Small keypad

Keypad need to be adjustable in size better

Purchased full version

I purchased the full version in the app and cant get all features still what kind of crap is that?? Seriously want a refund..

Forced to share anything you input.

Really I can’t use the full features unless I agree to allow you to own everything I type including my name address and credit card information? How the hell did this get approved through Apple? I want my money back!

feature requests

please add Spanish keyboard layout, it's pretty much just an 'Ñ' to the right of 'L'. ㅤ also I can't seem to find a way to type accented characters like é ú í ó á ñ? (typed these with the stock keyboard). overall it is a nice third party keyboard, hope you take my recommendations, thanks.

Give me a swype option

Love the customization capabilities. All I need to fully integrate this as my regular and go to keyboard is swype capability!!!

It's what I have been searching for!!!

First let me start off by saying I have tried most of the third party keyboards on the app store looking for one that lets me actually customize it. I mean really customize everything about it and most other keyboards will let you change 1 or 2 things about the keys and then you pick a preset design and that's it, well that's not enough for me. I really like this keyboard because I really can customize almost everything about the keyboard which surprisingly this is the only one I have found that lets you do that. What I like best about it is that the developer is still updating this keyboard regularly and improving it which again the majority of other keyboards on the app store haven't had an update in a year or more which causes stability issues like with the keyboard I used before this one. All in all I would definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone that really wants a unique style and to top it off this keyboard offers a 5th row for only $1.99 - SOLD!!! The only thing I wish this app had that it doesn't is the option to change the keyboard font and maybe some more emoji's to choose from but maybe that will be added in a future update. I am a regular customer and I did not receive this app at a discounted price in exchange for my review nor did the developer ask me for a review in any way. I paid full price for this keyboard and I am happy that I did. This is my honest, unbiased opinion.

Poor Autocorrect

My only complaint is the poor autocorrect function. I’ve diligently tried “training” by selecting the suggested words even if I typed them correctly but it’s not getting any “smarter” or easier to use. Compared to the stock keyboard it’s awful at autocorrect which is worse than you think when you realize that poor autocorrect leads to worse predictions or further “dumbing” it down since you end up typing more misspelled words overtime -vicious cycle. Hopefully this part gets an update. All the rest of it is amazing. Great job dev! p.s. would love for it to eventually use the native one handed feature too.

I'm keeping my eye on it

This is a really nice keyboard. I just tested the newest update. It is not quite good enough to use full time for me. The keyboard flexes a bit when pulling it up with a custom size enabled, the keys are a bit sticky, and lag when typing really fast. I've had issues with autocorrect. Don't get me wrong, I love the keyboard, I'm just a tough customer to please, as I've been a Fleksy user for the longest time. I'm going to test every update, and eventually, I may switch from Fleksy. Keep up the good work, this has the potential to be the best keyboard on iOS.

Best Keyboard App in the App Store

Had been waiting for this for a long time, it is the best keyboard app out there. I use it as my default. User friendly, easy to setup and has all the features I've been looking for in a signgle keyboard app. Hats off to Joseph!

Needs improvements.

This app has so much potential! I was really excited to see someone implement the Taptic Engine on the keyboard. I’ve been waiting for this for some time now. However, it turned out to be disappoint. Here’s why. - I have to type really slowly because the autocorrect isn’t reliable. - There’s a slight delay it seems after typing. - Force touch doesn’t work. - Keys don’t enlarge like stock keyboard. So your finger blocks the entire letter. I’m looking forward to it’s future updates. But currently going back to stock.

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